MyEasyStore Live: Learn how to set up your online store like a pro!

We thought it would be a nice way to end the year by giving our users, and anyone who wishes to take their business online, a session on how to set up your online store like a pro. This run through of how you can actually create your own ecommerce website with MyEasyStore – in the quickest, easiest way – will give you the opportunity to empower yourself and sell online within minutes from your own online store. 

So, we decided, we will go LIVE, and answer all the questions you may have about setting up a store with us. Who better than our co-founder, Hirdyesh Mordani, a chefpreneur and a MyEasyStore user himself, to take you through the process. 

We invite you to join our first ever free LIVE webinar, where Hirdyesh will teach you how to set up your online store like a pro, easily. A pro-online seller, Hirdyesh comes with tons of experience selling online and offline, and may even throw in some tips on how to be a successful entrepreneur in the digital world. 

What you can expect

  • A quick brief about MyEasyStore and our vision.
  • A step-by-step live demonstration of setting up an online store—from building your catalogue to navigating your store settings.
  • How to use all our features to create an impressive online store that you would love to work on and share with your customers—from online payments and appointment bookings to delivery integration.  
  • Q&A session where you can get answers to all your questions when it comes to setting up your ecommerce website—Hirdyesh will gladly clear your doubts. 
  • Expert tips and tricks to make the most of your online store to increase your sales—from how to use cover images for seasonal offers and promotions to tracking your order source and more.

Saturday, December 4th 2021 at 5:00 PM IST

Please click on the registration link above and submit any questions you may like to get answered during the Live session. Don’t forget to block your calendars. See you there! 

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