How to use MyEasyStore’s marketing tools to grow your online business

Creating your online store with MyEasyStore is as easy as it is exciting. Once it’s up and running, it’s important to market it right too and use different strategies and marketing tools to grow your online business. Besides being equipped with everything you need to run a successful online business (like delivery and payment integration, stock management, etc.), you get a lot of additional features to help market your brand further. It is important to keep your customers engaged, understand their needs, where they’re coming from and create offers and solutions to fulfil their demands. Keeping this in mind, MyEasyStore provides marketing tools to grow your online business. Here’s how they work and how to use them right:

Order source tracking with customised links 

An essential element of a growing business is to understand your market and know where your customers come from. This helps determine whether you’re putting your resources in the right direction and plan future marketing strategies. Using MyEasyStore’s in-built URL generator, you can create customised trackable store URLs (or links) that allow you to know where your customers are coming from. For example: Create a customised link for Instagram if you want to know how many customers are coming from the link you shared on the app. So if your customer clicks on the link you’ve customised, like, and places an order, under their order you’ll be able to see the source “InstagramDM”. Use it during ad campaigns or add UTM parameters to your online store URL if you’re using Google Ads.

Coupon codes 

Giving your customers exclusive offers makes them feel special and heard. MyEasyStore let’s you create coupon codes for exclusive promotions and share with customers or during a marketing campaign. You can set an expiry date to each coupon code. Customers can add coupon codes into their orders during checkout and avail the respective offer.

In-store promotions  

Who doesn’t love a good discount, right? Make your storefront more appealing by creating exciting in-store promotions for either free shipping on a minimum order amount, flat amount off or percentage off. These offers will be displayed at the top of your store so customers get to know of the current offers available.

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