7 easy ways to drive more traffic to your online store and gain new customers

Now that you’ve successfully set up your own website, it’s time to let the world know! Setting up your online store is only the first step to start your digital business–it’s what you do with it once it’s ready, that will really help in increasing sales and gaining new customers. These simple yet effective ways will help you get the word out there and promote your website.

1. Add your store URL to your social media profiles
Having an active Instagram and Facebook page for your business is important, so you can keep your customers engaged and updated. But it is equally important to have a call-to-action. Add your website link to your Instagram bio and Facebook Page so it’s the first thing your followers see when they visit your social media profiles.

2. Link-in-bio posts on Instagram
Promotion of your website on your Instagram doesn’t end on your bio. Every time you do a post or a story, make sure to mention ‘link in bio’ so your followers can actually know where to find your products or services. Keep the engagement active.

3. Stories, stories, stories
Don’t just limit your promotions to Instagram. Add your URL to Whatsapp and Facebook stories too—try to reach every person in your digital community by adding attractive stories about your digital business, linking it back to your online store. Pro tip: you can start simply taking a screenshot of your homepage and adding it to your stories to start with.

4. Google is your friend
Having a Google For Business listing goes a long way—create a free Google For Business listing and mention your store URL in the website section. While you conquer Instagram and Facebook with likes, comments and followers, keep your Google For Business listing updated as this will help twofold with discovery of your store and its SEO ranking.

5. Blast a broadcast
Write up a crisp, clean and informative message about your online store, and broadcast it to everyone on your contact list via Whatsapp. Don’t forget to ask your friends and family to further spread the word to their networks, in your message to them. Make sure your URL is added to this message.

6. Print your QR code
With MyEasyStore, you can easily generate your website’s QR code that once scanned, links back to your online store. Simply print out copies of this code and place it in your physical stores, on your business card and product packaging so your customers can easily go to your website and shop.

7. Don’t let the past come in the way of your future
Your days of manually taking orders, answering questions and going back and forth with your customers are over. Don’t bring them back. While it is convenient to go back to old ways due to ease of habit, insist your customers to check out your website and order directly from it. Your online store is fully equipped for them to shop easily, so let your customers build that new habit of going to your website instead of reaching out to you first. This will also help in strengthening your SEO.

And remember, change takes time to adapt to. Continue actively promoting your store and watch your business grow—you’ve taken a step in the right direction and the journey is only going to get better.

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