Expert tips to correctly use social media to grow your online business

Chandni Tolani, founder of digital marketing agency Boomerang Media, shares her expert tips to grow your online business via social media. 

Everyone wants to sell using social media but not many understand that just having a product and an Instagram page is not enough. The first and foremost thing to remember is don’t use social media to impress your customers, use it to impact them. As an e-commerce brand, here are some things that will help you jump onto the social media bandwagon with a tad more confidence.

1. Content is not just king, it’s the entire kingdom
Don’t just create posts for the heck of posting. Tell a story and tell it well. Create content that not just talks about your product but also starts a conversation

2. Don’t fear going LIVE
There are reports that Facebook will be allowing people to shop through live videos. So start early and test the waters, go live and share your products, conduct tutorials and interact with your audience live. This will be the new point of purchase for online shopping!

3. Add value with Ads
Spend small, spend big but don’t not spend on ads. Keep a budget aside, create multiple ads and see what works for your brand. The best part about social media ads, like I tell all my clients, is that you pay for results, you can target a specific audience and you can stop when you want. There’s no such thing as too less or too much. 

4. Link it up
Imagine this, you see a product on Facebook, you love it and you want to buy it immediately. But you don’t know where to buy it from. 70% of people will not take the effort of searching through to find a link or send a private message to the brand. That’s a lot of business loss. Add your online store’s link to shopping for your products wherever you can—on Facebook posts, swipe up links on Instagram stories and your e-store link in all your bio and about us pages. 

5. Retarget and Facebook Pixel
A loyal customer base is the most precious thing for a brand. Study about Facebook Pixel and how you can retarget your existing audience. Basically, how this works is a simple code on your website ensures that your ads are shown to people who are most likely to take action and/or have previously taken an action on your website. Now you know how searching for one product shows you similar product ads and suggestions through the week? It’s not stalking, it’s called retargeting!

6. Roll, Camera, Action, bring out the videos
You can never go overboard with videos. We live in a time where everyone is hooked on to their phones watching videos, so go ahead and make as many videos as possible. Keep them short, crisp and entertaining and you never know when you might go viral.

7. The Influencer Game – to do or not to do?
Every brand asks this question once at least. Should we do an influencer activity? Is it effective? The right question to ask should be, who are my influencers? If you identify the right kind of influencers for your brand and choose them to talk about your products, they will definitely make an impact and create a recall value. And to top that, they will give you more fruitful content to share on your pages. 

8. Bad grammar can cost a good fortune
Last but not the least, don’t create a bad impression with bad grammar. If content is king, grammar is definitely the most powerful knight. Sometimes you can do everything right and drive away a customer with just a missing punctuation or wrong capitalisation. The use of correct grammar cannot be overstated, so throw those short forms out of the window and know the difference between your and you’re before you pen down your next caption. 

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