5 ways to use your QR Code to grow your online business

What is a QR Code? It may look like a bunch of pixels in a jumbled up puzzle, but these cryptic shapes can help expand your reach, brand awareness, strengthen your marketing and grow your business further. A QR code (quick response code) is a marketing tool that helps direct customers to your online store by simply scanning it from their smartphone. As a user, it makes the goal to get the customer to your online page quicker and easier—instead of typing a link, you scan. But it’s more than just that, here’s why this added step is important and how it plays a role in promoting and growing your business:

Connect with your offline audience
QR codes are an easy tool to connect with and capture your offline audience and bring them online. Grocery stores owners who want to convert their on-ground store loyals to an online customer, can keep the QR code at the store, to intrigue and nudge offline customers to shop from their e-store. QR codes can be placed anywhere, online and offline, which helps reach a diverse set of potential customers. 

Use it as your business card 
Why not put the QR code on your business card? Use it as a tool to network and lead potential customers to your online store in a single step. 

Use it on your packaging 
A tiny little square on your package or box that can take your customer directly to your online store? Yes please. 

Increase the awareness of your startup 
QR codes placed in physical spaces and shared online can help startups create brand recall and increase their awareness because they can be used on different mediums and customised. 

Get creative, collaborate 
Got a business of healthy drinks? Collaborate with a gym or fitness studio to place your QR codes at their space to direct fitness enthusiasts to your online store. Creative collaborations can target just the right audience in a non-intrusive way. 

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