Why selling products on your own platform is important?

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Here, in-house chef-preneur and co-founder of MyEasyStore, Hirdyesh Mordani tells you why using your own ecommerce website to sell online will be the best decision you make for your brand. 

Not much compares to the liberating feeling of having (and running) your own business. It isn’t easy—you grow, you fall, you get back up, your nights are sleepless, your mornings busier than the local railway platform on a Monday morning, and the lines separating your personal and professional life are blurred. But it’s worth it when you see all that you envisioned finally coming to life right in front of you. Then what is stopping you from making your business, yours to run? Maybe the fear of competition or brand awareness, or simply the overwhelming thought of building your own platform from scratch. While you let MyEasyStore take care of the latter, the former can be met with some smart moves. Using your own platform to sell your products is important, Mordani explains why… 

The Importance Of Selling Your Products Through Your Own Platform

Okay, so you’ve pursued your dream and started your own business. Congratulations on taking the leap into entrepreneurship. There’s no going back now. We’re going to see this beautiful journey till the end. While there are a lot of factors that may make or try to break your business, one very important factor that I want to highlight is the importance of selling your products through your own ecommerce website.

Zero commissions: Today, selling online is easy. Endless number of digital platforms (or aggregators) let you list your products and even bring you the orders. But at a high cost—a huge chunk of your profits is taken as commission. While aggregators can be used to market your product, making them your primary source of business should not be your goal. Your goal should be to make your business 100% independent.

It’s easier than ever, and you have the freedom to do so much more: Selling online is easy enough to DO IT YOURSELF. Having your own platform has multiple benefits—from building your own loyal customer base to zero commissions. But mainly, to never limit you—for when you want to show off a new product, or promote a discount offer on your store, or to market your business the way you want to. 

It’s your business’s identity: Using your own online ordering platform from the get-go to sell your products will give you full control of your listings, your business, your orders and your customers. A platform that doesn’t take commissions from you. A platform that doesn’t work on one-sided algorithms. A platform that’s 100% transparent and 100% yours. Focus on marketing this platform because this is going to be your brand identity. This is what will become your brand recall value, and what your customers will remember you by.

You get to know your customers: Selling through a third party means no access to customer information—you’ll never know who you are selling to or where they are coming from. Having your own online store let’s you build customer connections—you actually get to know who’s buying from you and what they really want. This in turn will help to not only build a strong and loyal customer database but also let you understand buying behaviours to help you grow your business and give your customers what they are looking for.

How to market your own online ordering platform

Run ads on social media: Instagram, Facebook and Google ads can be precisely targeted to the right demographics and geo-locations, making sure you reach for potential customers who would indulge in your products. Run the ads and analyse them weekly, tweak your ad audience and locations according to the results and engagement that you see in your ad dashboards. Drive 100% of your ad traffic to your own online ordering platform.

Print QR codes: Or simply mention your website/online store link on a sticker that is added to your packaging on each and every order that goes out for delivery.

Create lucrative offers: Get your customers to help you create brand awareness through their social networks by providing them freebies or discounts. 

Yes, it will be difficult in the beginning in terms of acquiring orders or getting your brand name our there, but it’s important to remember that the effort you’re putting in is for your business growth and this will last you forever. Work for yourself. Promote your brand and your platform. Push 100% of your traffic to your own online ordering platform. 

Keeping all this in mind, we created MyEasyStore.in. Our aim is to make setting up your personalised online store super easy and quick. We give you full dashboard control of everything you need to run your online business smoothly.

– Hirdyesh Mordani

Hirdy Mordy Bakery | www.hirdymordy.com (Founder)

MyEasyStore.in | www.myeasystore.in (Co-Founder)

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