How to set up your online business like a pro and increase sales

Did you know that taking your store online is possibly the best thing you could do for your business? According to, online shopping could rise up to 2.14 billion by the end of 2021. Today, not only is it important to build an online store, but also what you do with it. Here are eight simple tips, tools and techniques to optimise your MyEasyStore to help set up your online business and increase your sales.

1. Come up with a name and secure it online
It’s important to have a name that not only defines what you do, but also has an easy recall value. Keep short, easy to remember and unique to you. Once you finalise a name, make sure to check if its available to use on your social media platforms and also its domain name availability (this can be done on websites like

2. Build your website
If you have a big budget, you can hire a website developer to build a customisable online store for you—this usually involves extremely high fees and maintenance charges. For a quicker, cheaper and simpler solution, find yourself an easy online store builder like that has affordable monthly subscription plans to help you create your own online store. 

3. Product pictures and descriptions
Click clear, eye-catching pictures of your products and ensure you don’t make it too busy (unless that’s your aesthetic). Whatever you do, make sure there is uniformity in your pictures and no one picture looks contrastingly different from the other—this helps create brand recall. Spend enough time writing down crisp descriptions of each product to give your customer all the information they need to help their decision. Make it tempting! 

4. Figure out your shipping process
Before you begin selling your products, it’s important to know how you will make them reach your customers, what that delivery mode will cost you and the time it will require to reach. Logistics need to be mapped out first, before you create the demand. 

5. Get feedback from friends and family
Once you have successfully set up your online store, ask your friends and family to do some test orders and get their honest feedback about the look and experience. Be open to ideas and suggestions, but stick to your aesthetic and end goal. 

6. Spread the word
It’s important to promote your online store on your social media platforms. Put out a post announcing the launch of your website on your social media and send it to your friends, family and all networks possible and ask them to share it further and support your new venture.

7. Set your goals 
Make sure you have some sales goals in mind once you’ve launched. This will give you something to work toward and help you figure out how well you’re doing. Don’t be afraid to give yourself a challenge. 

8. Offer discounts
It’s always a good idea to give people an incentive to buy from you during the start of your business. Giveaway contests, early bird and other special discounts or free deliveries for customers who tag their friends on your post and share it on their profiles. This is a great way to get your name out and build customer loyalty.

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