How setting up my own online store helped me gain customer trust and loyalty

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed when trying different mediums to sell your product. And while having your brand’s presence on third party ecommerce websites helps, it’s absolutely essential to have your own independent online store too. Running your own online business will give you the power to know who your customers really are, what they really want, thus helping you cater to them to your best capabilities. Plus, you keep your own profits! But if you, like many others, think that it may not be easy, quick and affordable to sell from your ecommerce website, we’re here to change that mindset. Need some motivation to take your business online? lHere, Shashwat Dubey, founder of fitness supplement store, The Protein Nation, shares his experience of taking his brand from offline to online and all the ways it helped him scale up. 

Selling online is cost-effective

“My experience with MyEasyStore till now has been very exciting and progressive—for me and my business. It was lockdown time when one of my friends introduced me to the ecommerce website builder, and suggested that I run my own e-commerce site through the platform. Although worried about the cost that I would need to incur to run my business online, I decided to give it a shot. Now, I can say that it is very cost-effective and thanks to my friend, I have my own store,”

Easy to use

“It is very easy to operate my website dashboard and with 24×7 customer support by the team, I never have to worry.The tutorial webinars helped me in expanding my business. With the support, encouragement and cooperation I receive from MyEasyStore, I hope we continue to grow in the future.”

Gaining customer loyalty and trust

Taking my supplement store online I noticed that customers started having more trust in my brand. I got a clean way to showcase each and every product through my e-commerce site.” 

Increasing customer reach

We get customers from everywhere in India. We feel proud and are able to cater to them effectively. 

Selling online from anywhere, anytime

“Now I can run my business through my phone and get even more profit. Because my store is not limited to a particular place, city or state, we ship all over India. Even If I am at home relaxing or sick, it  won’t affect my business since now everything is at my fingertips.” 

Streamlined selling

“Having an organised online store with all the tools to sell online has reduced my workload, and helped me create a smooth flow for my business.”

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