How to easily take great photos of your products for your online store

It’s true when they say an image is worth a thousand words—and when it comes to your brand’s success, it’s one of the key factors that decides the fate and sale of your product. How to take great photos of your products for your online store or even otherwise has multiple benefits. A well-photographed product is not only the first impression your potential customers get of your brand, but it also gives the buyer a sense of trust before they buy it. You know you wouldn’t give a second glance to a badly shot product, let alone adding it to your cart. Photography is also a great way to get your message across to your customers, and if you’re running on a budget, you don’t need to hire a professional photographer or expensive equipment to do the job. You can do it yourself! Here are some tried and tested easy ways to take great photos of your products for your online store that are sure to increase your sales and gain recognition and trust from your customers.

Trust your smartphone camera

Don’t be afraid to use your trusted phone to click the pictures. With the right settings that most smartphones come with today, you can achieve professional-quality pictures. Check the specs of your phone and put it on the highest quality image settings, shoot on HD mode (1080) and make sure it has autofocus and good megapixels for clear, sharp images. Then you’re ready to shoot! 

Lighting is key

Lighting plays an important role in making your product look good. Try to opt for natural lighting by placing your product, table and backdrop close to a window that gets ample sunlight. If that’s not possible, use the lights around you to create brightness that is not harsh—try different angles and spaces until you find the perfect lighting at home that captures your product perfectly.

Choose your backdrop

Whatever backdrop you choose—wall, curtain, outdoor—make sure it doesn’t clash with your product or tries to compete with it. Use light colours, or stick to white. When in doubt, keep it simple, solid and clean, always. 

Take shots in different angles

Always take multiple shots of product not only in different angles but also in different phases—with and without the packaging, flat lay shot, in different positions and distances and so on. Once you are done, look at your work on your computer or laptop to finalise the best of the lot.

Use a tripod

You get tripods in all sizes—from the smallest to the biggest—in reasonable prices. A tripod will help in getting steady, clear pictures and make your DIY photography job a lot easier. 

Keep it clean

Always do a quality check—of your product, your background, your table and everything else that will be part of your picture. Make sure it’s clean with no marks left behind from all the adjusting. Try to remove any imperfections you spot before you get clicking.

Check out photo editing apps

Photo editing apps can really elevate the attractiveness of your final product picture, and a lot of them are free to download from your app store! If Adobe Photoshop is not your strength, try easy apps like Snapseed and Canva and play around with your images. 

Use a light box

Light boxes are exactly what they denote: boxes that help provide space and light to let you achieve professional-quality product pictures. While purchasing one can be rather expensive, you can easily make one at home with basic materials. Click here to know how.

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