How to promote your online store? Everything you need to know.

MyEasyStore is a platform to easily setup your personalised online store, showcase your products to your customer, sell online and easily accept orders. We have ensured you have all the necessary features to take your business digital. Yes, this means no more searching through WhatsApp message for order details or constantly updating images/pdf menus and spamming people with your business updates. This is your one-stop-shop for your customers to shop from you!

Please Note: We do not advertise or drive customers to your online store.

Let’s Start Selling Online!

It’s important to push your existing and new customers to order directly from your online store. Here are some simple ways to drive traffic to your brand new online store. Remember, the more traffic you drive to the store, the better your website’s SEO rankings.

Update your store’s website link on your social media platforms—Instagram, Facebook, etc. Every time you promote a product or your business, don’t forget to mention ‘link in bio’ to order online now!

Broadcast your store’s website link to your network—your friends, family, existing customers—type a short, crisp but informative message introducing them to your online store and ask them to share and support.

Add your store’s website/url on all branding and packaging material—now that you have a swanky new online store, spread the word further by including your website link on your packaging, business card and all other branding material. This helps create brand recall value and reminds your customers to come to your online store to shop.

Add your website link to your advertising—running digital marketing ads helps reach a large potential list of buyers and attracts new customers. Don’t forget to add your website URL in your ad communication.

Create attractive promotions—sales, discounts and promotions helps attract customers to order from your online store more often.