Delivery Integration – Everything You Need To Know

Step 1: Update Your Pick-Up Information

First things first, ensure your pick-up address and contact number is detailed and up-to-date so as to avoid wrong information being provided to the delivery partners and thus leading to either delays or cancellation charges.

> Go to your Store Dashboard > Store Settings > Store Information and update your exact address – Flat/Shop number, Building name, Road name/number.

> Then go to Store Dashboard > Store Settings > Customer Support and update the phone number for the delivery agent to call on when they reach the pick-up location.

Step 2: Delivery Method

In Store Dashboard > Delivery Settings, there is an option to enable Delivery Amount by Delivery Partners – If you enable this option, when a customer places an order on your store and during checkout enters their address for delivery, their delivery charge is automatically calculated and applied based on the lowest delivery charge available via a delivery partner on our platform at that particular time and the customer will pay that amount which will be included in their total order.

Note: Choosing this Delivery Method is optional and upon enabling this option, customers will have to strictly select an address from the auto-generated data in the Address Form during checkout.

Tip: Setup a flat delivery rate in any possible case wherein there are no delivery providers who can service a particular order location.

Step 3: Recharge Wallet

Deliveries for your orders are charged to you via an inbuilt Wallet in your Online Store which you’ll need to recharge and have sufficient balance before booking a delivery. You can do this from your Store Dashboard > Wallet.

Step 4: Deliver An Order

Once you accept any order, you will see a Deliver button inside the detailed order view. Upon clicking that button, you’ll see a pop-up that will generate all the delivery providers available to deliver that order at that particular time with their estimated rates mentioned besides them.

Simply click the Book Now button next to your preferred delivery partner to initiate looking for a delivery agent.

Note: Please allow upto 30 minutes for a rider to be assigned after clicking the Book Now button.